Church Lighting Appeal

Published on December 17, 2021

The first phase of our relighting project has involved the replacing of the light bulbs in the main body of the church with long lasting and energy efficient LED lights. The sanctuary area has been totally relit with the latest LED lighting which highlights many of the magnificent features of the sanctuary. It is rather amazing to see the extraordinary detail and decoration now lit properly in its full splendour, as was always intended. Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed thus far towards the costs of this worthwhile project. To date, €5,000 has been raised. I hope with your help that we will be able to raise the remaining €20,000. If not, the second phase of the relighting project which will involve the rewiring and replacing of the internal dome and ceiling of the church lights, as well as the external lighting of the dome and front of the church which has yet to be costed, will not be able to proceed, which would be a great shame and an opportunity lost. Please remember that no donation is too small or too big! Thank you, Fr Andrew.


Ways to Donate

§ Leave into the Parish Office (in the Parish Centre) or the Parish House (No. 52),

§ Leave in the blue safe at the back of the Church § Donate online via the parish website

Please make sure you state your donation is for Lighting of the Church.