Restoration Projects & Fundraising

Published on September 7, 2023

Dear Parishioners & Friends of Rathmines,

As you know, the Parish celebrates its bicentenary this year which is
a wonderful cause for celebration. As you may be aware my approach has
been to tackle a number of projects each year that restore, enhance,
and beautify our Church. During the summer we had the marble pulpit
and the marble frames around the Sacred Heart & St Therese
professionally cleaned, as well as three confessionals turned into
displays of sacred reliquaries and other historical sacred items of
interest. St Therese’
side chapel has been transformed with beautiful displays of sacred
vestments as well as well as freshly painted and new lighting.

Now we are restoring the baptistry, which requires a lot of work as
well as painting the upper gallery of the Church. I am inviting you if
you are in a position to do so, to please contribute financially to
these projects.
I am
very grateful for the generosity of many parishioners in supporting
the parish, however, in order to progress any more projects, we now
need new funding and as you know, we rely totally on your generous
donations. If anyone would like to discuss these matters with me, I am
always available and happy to do so.

Kind Regards,
Fr. Andrew PP.