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Upcoming Events



Sunday 23rd October is Mission Sunday.  The second collection at all masses w...



A special churchgate collection in aid of The Peter McVerry Trust  will take ...



The Liturgy Group are meeting on Monday 24th October at 2.30pm in No. 52.

Thought for the Week

But the labourers are fewReally?

A close friend, who for many years was a Jesuit priest here in Dublin, now lives with his family near Chester, that attractive medieval town near the Welsh border. While he was a priest he worked with people whose condition resembled what Malcolm Muggeridge once called ‘the poorest of the poor.’ He was and is a good man and, as Kennelly, the poet, puts it:  ‘the good are vulnerable./As any bird in flight/They do not think of safety/Are blind to possible extinction.’ Andrew (not his real name) fell in love and set up home in Cheshire. He and his wife are blessed with four beautiful and intelligent children now grown up.

    Andrew goes to his local church every Sunday. Recently, he – long used to the ways of Mother Church – was amused at an event that took place in his parish. His fellow parishioners, less familiar with the Church, were not able to share his amusement, and found the event confusing.

    Here’s what happened. One Sunday, the parish priest announced that he was resigning from the priesthood; he had no option, he told them, since he intended to marry a woman whom he had met some years before. He added that he would love to remain on as a priest. The congregation applauded him.

   The following Sunday his replacement said the 11.30 Mass and included in the notices that he was pushed for time – he had to rush to another part of the town to baptise his grandson! The priest was among a whole tranche of Anglican clergy who had opted to join the Roman Catholic Church some years before.

    ‘Crisis!’ proclaimed a government minister many years ago at Dublin Airport. ‘What crisis?’ Maybe the same applies to the shortage of vocations. What if the many priests who have left to get married were allowed to minister like the happy granddad? And don’t we hear rumours from Rome and talk of moving towards the ordination of women deacons. I’m sure that saintly man, Pope Francis, won’t be found wanting if that comes on to the agenda. Many would say: ‘the sooner the better’. 

Fr. William

 We are keen to enrol and train a new group of altar servers over the next few weeks. Those who have recently celebrated their First Communion are particularly welcome. Training for new altar servers will be provided by Josephine Bennett and Lester Barlow, who have both participated in Diocesan child safeguarding training. Parents of children, who would like to become altar servers, are invited to pick up a parental authorisation form from the parish office or the sacristy.

We urgently need volunteers for church cleaning, Web Committee, Youth Initiative Group and drivers for meals on wheels.

Find out ways in which you can be involved more in your parish!

To download a directory of all the Community Organisations and Charities in the Rathmines Area compiled by the Parish and by World Missions Ireland Click Here>>

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 Please note - There will be one Mass only on Saturdays at 7pm until further notice.


Our 9th Annual International Mass will be celebrated on Sunday 13th November at 6pm.  All are welcome to this colourful and joyful celebration of the international nature of our parish. If you are interested in planning for and/or participating in our International Mass please contact the parish office, or Kevin McNamara at email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  Sat:   7.00pm Vigil
  Sun:   09.00am, 11.00am (Family Mass except July/August), 6.00pm (Folk Mass)

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But the labourers are few. Really? A close friend, who for many years was a Jesuit priest here in Dublin, now lives with his family near Chester, that attractive medieval town near the Welsh border. While...

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