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Wed 2nd Sept - There is an afternoon of Bowling & Music from 2:30pm onwards in t...



The monthly lunchtime Ecumenical Prayers will take place on Tuesday 8th Septe...

Thought for the Week

If today’s Gospel was all we considered, we might wonder if Jesus was anti-tradition, which was not the case. As harsh as Jesus’ criticisms are in today’s reading, his grace and love are even sweeter. Maybe this is a good way for all of us to look at tradition.  Respect for tradition is good.  Elevating tradition to the level of God’s Word is not.  Following traditions that express Christ’s gospel message and demonstrating why the Gospel is so important to us is good.  Following traditions because that’s just the way things are done around here is not.  Traditions ought not to become additions or substitutes to God’s Word.  Traditions, whether ancient or relatively new, are simply another way for us to proclaim, imitate and follow Christ’s unconditional love, hope and forgiveness and be conduits of this living message to all. If we take a little moment to look back over our own faith journey we could possibly identify three or maybe four people at pivotal and formative points in our lives who have been an inspiration, mentor or guide to our faith. Was this because of their stringent adherence to tradition or because of their inspirational living out of the Gospel message? A question to think on this week – When today’s generation of children/youth reach middle age and take their moment to look back on their journey … who will be those people they will remember and thank as ones who inspired, mentored or guided their faith? Will you be one?

We are keen to enrol and train a new group of altar servers over the next few weeks. Those who have recently celebrated their First Communion are particularly welcome. Training for new altar servers will be provided by Josephine Bennett and Lester Barlow, who have both participated in Diocesan child safeguarding training. Parents of children, who would like to become altar servers, are invited to pick up a parental authorisation form from the parish office or the sacristy.

We urgently need volunteers for church cleaning, Web Committee, Youth Initiative Group and drivers for meals on wheels.

Find out ways in which you can be involved more in your parish!

To download a directory of all the Community Organisations and Charities in the Rathmines Area compiled by the Parish and by World Missions Ireland Click Here>>

Read a Guide to this week's Gospel here >>

Live Audio Broadcast of Services

Press the 'Play' button to hear services live from Rathmines Parish Church. (There will be no sound unless there is a mass or other service taking place).


 International Mass & Festival of Cultures

International mass Invite Poster 2015


Our Sunday mass schedule is changed on August 1st with 4 Sunday masses instead of 6. These are:  Vigil Saturday 7pm & Sunday's 9am, 11am and 6pm Folk masses.

Mass Times

  Mon - Fri:   10.00am
  Sat:   10.00am, 7.00pm Vigil
  Sun:   09.00am, 11.00am,
      6.00pm (Folk Mass),


Contact Us

Parish Office Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 10.00am - 12noon
52 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6
Phone: 497 1531
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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      If today’s Gospel was all we considered, we might wonder if Jesus was anti-tradition, which was not the case. As harsh as Jesus’ criticisms are in today’s reading, his grace and love are even sweeter....

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