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Upcoming Events



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Thought for the Week

“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them;…”

Again in the Gospel this week we hear about the ‘little ones’. We are asked to welcome the Kingdom of God like children. Jesus is not asking us to be childish but child-like. A child will be trusting, inquisitive, open to new ideas, enthusiastic and creative. And we are asked to be the same in our adult faith. October is traditionally known as Mission month when we not only remember those on “the Missions” in foreign fields but also our call to mission; to be committed to building a better world for all of God's people, a world where everyone has all they need to live a dignified and fulfilling life. Missionary activity is a response to the love with which God loves us. God's love is the spiritual energy that can make harmony; justice and communion grow among persons, races and peoples for which everyone is searching. It is God, who is Love, who leads the Church towards those farthest away, towards the ‘little one’s in our own community and calls us to be renewed from the original source, Jesus Christ. Sometimes our faith, our religious practice, our liturgy could unintentionally be perceived as just maintenance. Even our ministry may be experienced at times as task driven rather than the service it is meant to be. This week let us renew our mission to make known through both word and action that the God of love is the source of care, tenderness, compassion, hospitality and may we spread this dynamic message with child-like joy and fervour!

We are keen to enrol and train a new group of altar servers over the next few weeks. Those who have recently celebrated their First Communion are particularly welcome. Training for new altar servers will be provided by Josephine Bennett and Lester Barlow, who have both participated in Diocesan child safeguarding training. Parents of children, who would like to become altar servers, are invited to pick up a parental authorisation form from the parish office or the sacristy.

We urgently need volunteers for church cleaning, Web Committee, Youth Initiative Group and drivers for meals on wheels.

Find out ways in which you can be involved more in your parish!

To download a directory of all the Community Organisations and Charities in the Rathmines Area compiled by the Parish and by World Missions Ireland Click Here>>

Read a Guide to this week's Gospel here >>

Live Audio Broadcast of Services

Press the 'Play' button to hear services live from Rathmines Parish Church. (There will be no sound unless there is a mass or other service taking place).


 National Day of Prayer for Children

NDCP 2015 poster

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new parish priest Fr William King who joined on Tuesday 15th September.  And we would like to offer a sincere thanks to Monsignor Dan O’Connor who stepped in over the past few weeks for his help and kindness during this time of transition.

Mass Times

  Mon - Fri:   10.00am
  Sat:   10.00am, 7.00pm Vigil
  Sun:   09.00am, 11.00am,
      6.00pm (Folk Mass),


Contact Us

Parish Office Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 10.00am - 12noon
52 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6
Phone: 497 1531
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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