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A short meeting will be held following the 11am Do This in Memory Mass on Sunday...



The next Do This In Memory Mass is on Sunday 21st December 2013 @ 11am   For ...

Thought for the Week

We tend to think of the Annunciation as focusing on the angel telling Mary what is about to happen. But I’d like to suggest another Annunciation in this scene from Luke. It’s not what the angel says to Mary.  It’s what Mary says to the angel. It is the moment when Mary declares her consent — surrendering to God’s will, sacrificing herself and her life for Him and, ultimately, for us. Behold, she announces.  I am His. It is that “Annunciation within the Annunciation” that, I think, speaks to all of us.  It is dramatic.  It is humbling. And it is ours. Because in that moment, if we let her, Mary speaks for all of us. We aren’t all going to encounter angels, announcing to us that we are going to be part of salvation history. But we all can declare our own desire to continue what Mary began – our desire to help bring Christ into the world.   And it starts, as it did with Mary, by giving ourselves over to God’s will for us – His surprising, sometimes challenging plan for us. We can also, like Mary, help make Christ manifest.  We can help him to be born once again into our world – a world desperately in need of mercy.  And charity.  And compassion.  And hope. We can remind others of “Emmanuel” – that God is with us. That is our call — not just at Christmas, but every day.  Fr David

We have produced an ADVENT NEWSLETTER - To download please click the following link, Advent Newsletter 2014

Our Christmas Schedule - (Click here to enlarge)

Parish Christmas Schedule 2014 1

We are keen to enrol and train a new group of altar servers over the next few weeks. Those who have recently celebrated their First Communion are particularly welcome. Training for new altar servers will be provided by Josephine Bennett and Lester Barlow, who have both participated in Diocesan child safeguarding training. Parents of children, who would like to become altar servers, are invited to pick up a parental authorisation form from the parish office or the sacristy.

We urgently need volunteers for church cleaning, Web Committee, Youth Initiative Group and drivers for meals on wheels.

Find out ways in which you can be involved more in your parish!

To download a directory of all the Community Organisations and Charities in the Rathmines Area compiled by the Parish and by World Missions Ireland Click Here>>

Read a Guide to this week's Gospel here >>

Live Audio Broadcast of Services

Press the 'Play' button to hear services live from Rathmines Parish Church. (There will be no sound unless there is a mass or other service taking place).


Something Different For Advent 

 "Something Different for Advent" - An Advent DIY Retreat for busy people. Each of the 4 Saturday's of Advent we'll post the reflection sheet for that week - On them there simple and practical suggestions, reflections, actions, based on the Sunday Gospel. Feel free to use, share & pass on. Why not try it yourself and gift yourself 5 minutes each day in your preparations for Christmas!! Hope you enjoy it.

Something Different for Advent - The Invitation 2014 web

To download the reflections each week click the link below -

Something Different For Advent - Week 1

Something Different For Advent - Week 2

Something Different For Advent - Week 3

Something Different For Advent - Week 4

Mass Times

  Mon - Fri:   10.00am
  Sat:   10.00am, 7.00pm Vigil
  Sun:   09.00am, 11.00am,
      12.30pm, 6.00pm (Folk Mass),
      7.30pm (Taize)


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Parish News

Parish News Sunday 21st December 2014 Fo…

      We tend to think of the Annunciation as focusing on the angel telling Mary what is about to happen. But I’d like to suggest another Annunciation in this scene from Luke. It’s not what the...

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Parish News Sunday 14th December 2014 Th…

      The third Sunday of Advent is called “Gaudete Sunday” because the Mass for today (in its original Latin text), begins with the opening antiphon: “Gaudete in Domino semper” --“Rejoice in the Lord always.” To remind...

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Parish News Sunday 7th December 2014 Sec…

      It’s often said that Christianity is counter-cultural.  You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more counter-cultural than John the Baptist – a lone figure in a desert, wearing camel skins and a leather belt, eating locusts,...

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Parish News Sunday 30th November 2014 F…

      Advent is a season observed in many Western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. The term is an anglicised version of...

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