Homily 11th Sunday OT 16th June 2024

Homily 11th Sunday OT 16th June 2024

Today’s two parables provide an insight into Jesus’ Kingdom on earth and its growth. Jesus’ first parable of the seed on the surface tells of nature’s mysteries of life and growth. But as always there are many levels of meaning to these parables. Jesus’ parable of the seed is comparing natural growth with our soul’s growth in Grace.

Nature’s growth is often imperceptible; we can see it only by using a time lapse camera or by returning at intervals.

So, too, is the spiritual life. Nature’s growth is constant but human spiritual growth is not so; one day we may take a giant step forward, the next day a baby step backwards. Nature’s growth is inevitable, human spiritual growth is anything but.

St. Paul, in the second reading, adds another aspect to God’s way of dealing with the world: The demand for human responsibility at the same time as having hope.

So, while we live, we are to be aware of the mystery of growth. This mystery is within us as well as around us. For us, it applies particularly to our growth as persons, which is the greatest perfection of all.

Each of today’s scripture readings indicate that our growth comes from God, but we are responsible for working it out. God reveals his power with those who are in human eyes weak, the insignificant, and the poor. That may be us.

We, walking by faith, should be channels of God’s power in a world where that are so many people who are exiles, refugees, persecuted, depressed, outcast, homeless, hungry, and sick. The critical issues in whether we achieve fulness of life are receptivity in faith, openness to God’s action within us, confidence and prayer.

Fr Andrew