A new impressive Dome is fitted

Timeline date: 5 July, 1920

The outstanding feature of the reconstructed Church was the dome. The previous dome, which was destroyed in the fire was replaced with a large copper dome which had been built in Glasgow some time previously. It was believed to have been destined for a Russian Orthodox church prior to the revolution of 1917.

Writing to parishioners on the financial state of the Parish following restorations in 1925, Canon J. Hatton said of the dome:
“The whole roof, i.e., the dome and the remaining four sections of the roof, is completely covered with copper. The frames of the windows in the dome and the cupola are of teak wood, and the sashes of solid bronze, glazed with wire-woven plate glass. The sphere and cross surmounting the cupola are of bronze, covered with gold leaf. The height of the beautiful edifice from the pavement to the top of the cross is 152 feet.”


Image – Architectural drawings of the new dome.